Welcome in High’t Energy Space, a consulting room to accompagny change, deliver energy healing, magnetism, and places harmonization.

Through active listening and multi-language approaches, Marcelle Godefroid offers personal care and a set of tools tailored to each and every need and expectation. This customized approach enables personalized and evolving coaching.

Accompaniment first step is based on a personalized welcome talk. It allows to listen well and understand the needs of the person and to choose the appropriate tools.

High’t Energy offers the possibility of individual or collective accompanying for all public, adolescent to adult, in individual consultation or collective training.

Consultations by appointment,
Monday to Saturday morning
1 hour / 1:15 –> 50 Euros

Psycho-physical / energy accompaniment
Accompanying professional and/or personal change
Remote Action
Bach flower / Essential oils
Magnetism and revitalization
Meditation / Relaxation-Breathing (individual or group sessions)
Personal development
Burnout / Stress Management

Harassment / attachment problems
Energy harmonization places
Tarot Physical / Emotional / Spiritual
Revitalization (group sessions)
Incarnation themes (remote)
Eating disorders
Anxiety and depression


In one or more sessions depending on the case, it is always the desire and / or willingness of the consultant
determines the steps and duration of change or cure process.

A consultation in High’t Energy consulting room can in no way be equated with a technical or medical method.
The energy practitioner or magnetism acts on the Vitality and Wellness by offering support an energy booster to conventional treatments: it is strictly forbidden to make a diagnosis, terminate, modify or delete an ongoing or future monitoring or medical treatment.



High’T Energy is partner of Friends of Radiesthesists and Magnetisers of Deux-Sèvres Association