Other services

Energy harmonization of places

When moving into your new home (purchase, rent …) or the house you live in, at various ailments, noises, insomnia or incomprehensible embarrassment, I come to analyze with my feelings and with my pendulum. I produce an explanatory document and harmonize the place (telluric faults, electromagnetic fields, geobiological networks and pathogens crossings, walls or soil memories, groundwater, entities …).

I come to the place once or twice (analysis, repair, counseling)

For a simple building lot or business, consult me.
Free travel expenses in a radius of 20 km. In addition, fees for train or car travel kilometers support by the applicant.

Incarnation themes (remote)

A complete theme including numerological aspects, cabalistic, psycho-genealogy, angiological, tarologic about your personality, what you came to do on earth during your incarnation, your way of life, your strengths and your weaknesses, your cycles and your opportunities, your soul and your various masks, your relationship to yourself and to others …

For theme on demand, provide a photo Length, your birth date, your different first names, birth and marriage name for women, and if possible, the full names of your parents and their birth date.

Illustrated theme from 6 to 9 pages: 110 €

Gymnastic exercise group sessions

Energizing the meridians, nadis, and Shushumna channel. Vitalization of the auric field and the physical body, easing meditation conduct.
Outdoors group session in a wooded outdoors setting.
Session for all, beginners and confirmed, in the garden of the High’t Energy treatment room .

Every Saturday morning, except in case of rain or too deep soil moisture.
From 9:30 to 10:15.
Off in August and during the winter holidays)

The cards are personal or for close family.
Gymnastics session: € 6
5 gym sessions card: € 27,50 (€ 5.50/session)
10 gym sessions card: € 50 (€ 5/session)
20 gym sessions card: € 90 (€ 4.50/session)
30 gym sessions card: € 120 (€ 4/session)