cadeaux et soins à distance

Gifts, remote care

Consultation Cards

Family counseling cards not registered, reserved for members of the immediate family.
Consultation cards (at your choice: tarot, care…)
1 hour : € 45
3 hours: € 129
5 hours: € 205

Consultations and Care
(Gift, Family Care cards with 3, 5 or 10 treatments, traineeship reservations …)

Remote action (soon available)

In continuity of care in cabinet or for any pains or various issues (skin problems, insomnia, warts, relationship, pains…).
A consultation may be required in advance. It lets continue the care for people who live far from treatment room.
Energy healing, magnetism, prayers, work on photos, positive loading personal object…

Thank you to send me your questions while ordering, give your birth date, your different first names, birth and marriage name for women.
Skype consultation, 1 hour: € 45
Other treatments: € 20 to € 30