As long as I can remember, empathy and extreme sensitivity to subtle energies and persons have always accompanied me. That is why my footsteps led me on a rich sense and fertile artistic career that occupied most of my professional time.

This is also why I’ve always been interested during my unprofessional time at everything related to subtle energies: astrology, I Ching, tarots, numerology, Kabbalah… But also to ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other mysterious spaces not typically Cartesian.

During my forty fourth year, a life accident of extreme violence made me live a N.D.E. (Near Death Experience), which has increased tenfold this sensitivity. Part several times for retreats of Noble Silence in Buddhist temples, I felt the urgent need to train me seriously and have taken several courses that complemented my personal research, including:
Magnetism and Geobiology with  Brigitte Chéneau and Eric Marion (France), 
Psycho-energetics and psycho-genealogy, Sephiroth and psycho-sensory deprogramming from Brigitte Chéneau (France)
, Power of essential oils with Nicole Schaerli (Switzerland), 
Respect to time and money from Christian Junod (Switzerland).

So I decided to professionalize my practicies to officially share what I was doing before just for friends or friends of friends…
That’s how the High’t Energy practicing cabinet emerged.

Its doors are open to you, please get in

Today, while continuing to train me, I work with light guides who give generously common sense, compassion and unconditional love to help those who seek peace.
The suffering (circumstantial, karmic, generational…) generates physical, emotional and mental heaviness; to relieve us, we look for answers outside of us. Let us guide you to find the solution inside yourselves!