You have given me confirmation about what I am now,

It was very important for me because it gaves me strength and insurance that I was on my way of life and spirituality.


Beautiful person beautiful energy and revelations 🙂

Best of luck!


Frankly, chemical drugs do not give adequate response to many evils, and relief brought by natural care is without side effects. ” However this land is vast, and venture groping, it seems to be only possible for sores

I am very grateful to Mrs. Godefroid for his advice, his thoughtful and effective cares.

I. P.

I heartily recommend energetic care of Marcelle Godefroid. The 1-hour session began with a discussion around difficulties or physical pain that I carried within me, followed by a brief diagnosis.
In practice, Marcelle makes on me a mental memories liberation care. I was trapezius and shoulder blocked, so I had a magnetism sitting on the right shoulder to relieve my pain.

The enable signals have been made as the treatment was performed with the sensation of breathing a light and healthy atmosphere. I felt again  energy flow from right side of my body. I felt lighter, more peaceful and even more beautiful.


I remember your drawing a card: you were talking about a bright future as a healer after a few obstacles.

Marcelle takes time to develop each draw of Tarot Card for a just and clear answer.

Thank you