After a healing energy or magnetism session, It can happen that patient goes through a condition that seems to get worse: a big blues, heartache, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, red plaques on the skin, spots…

All kinds of symptoms are possible. And then often panic is coming! We had hoped to get better, and now everything turns in a spin! Do not worry, this kind of “beneficial crisis” is common, and it is rather a sign that treatment has been effective, and excretory organs, body evacuation organs, were set out for the big clean.

What is a salutary crisis?
Let’s see how this works, but first understand the meaning of all these words (in birds language, we would sai “ill”, In french, promounciation of those two words are same) that body expresses us. What is a salutary crisis? Consider the meaning of these two words separated to better understand what can happen when one feels quite upset after an energetic healing. Le petit Littré French dictionary gives for “crisis”: Medical Term. Changes that occur in course of a disease and are announced by some special events such as an abundant excretion, significant bleeding, sweating, urine deposit, etc. Happy crisis. fatal attack … magnetic crisis, state name where people fall after being magnetized. ” Salutary, it is said in Le Petit Littré: “Useful for the preservation of life, health, honor, for the salvation of the soul, etc. “And the French encyclopedia adds,” That helps to maintain or restore good physical or mental condition that is necessary to keep a good balance. ”
we understand well what it is! The expressions (words for language, pain for body) of physical body that can be develop after a magnetic or energy healing are often result of an effect on one of the 5 body excretory organs whose main action is to evacuate miasma, toxins, and other waste inassimilable.

Excretory, my dear Watson!
These 5 emunctories are specialized organs, among others, in waste disposal. Their condition obviously depends on our well-being. These organs are: liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines.
During a treatment in the cabinet, first essential work is to cleanse body of waste that clogs our tissues, preventing them from working well, creating symptoms that lead patient to consult (symptoms or dysfunction of physical, mental or emotional body). These symptoms are often due to hectic lives excesses we lead today: bad eating habits, numerous vaccines, drugs of all kinds, stress, pollution of all kinds, heavy metals, waves, communication or relationship difficulties…
Emunctories, without necessarily being sick, become less effective. A gentle but efficient care encourages them to start up again, and a salutary crisis may occur between 3 hours and … sometimes 3 weeks, depending on type of care received.
Until then, it is clear, but then, you will tell me, if you come to receive rather a psycho-energy treatment, because your problems are rather professional or relational, what may well be link with liver, kidneys or intestines?

A thought for gut
In the human body (but like anywhere else in fact) everything is connected, nothing is separate; it works as a perfect symbiosis system and each of our cells communicate with neighboring cells, each depends on other cells.
Thus, seat of emotional expression is not in the brain or heart, but … in intestines. For neuro gastro entérologist John Fioramonti ” intestines have same number of neurons as the brain. It is the only organ to have its own nervous system “; we even called him a second brain. I must say that is activity is unusually complex, it must end some digestions to manufacture and facilitate the assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it has to totally transform certain foods to make them operational, to synthesize natural antibiotics and even to produce between 70 and 85% of immune body cells that innervate organs and 95% of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps manage… Emotions! Its skin, impervious to fiber and other non-assimilable items (but essential as involved in bolus transport) must remain porous to let all other necessary elements for organic system life, a strict selection that the least alteration annoys.
In short, it makes much, much, and when it fatigues, it saturates … And slowly, we are more tired, more irritable, more likely, less courageous … Besides that we more easily feel pains that have become unfortunately common: bloating (! it fills me up), diarrhea (it makes me pain in my…!), constipation and flatulence (! it rotted my life) … the world around us suddenly becomes less tolerable!
All this makes it a little irascible and small difficulties of life become big problems (that makes me creasy!) because obviously, when body cries for a one place pain, all the vital system mobilizes itself on safeguarding this brittleness point. How to support colleagues themselves under pressure when we already bellyache, when we are tired, that brains operate no more than 60% of its capacity as it are mobilized to try to survive attacks that are accumulate (stress and other aforementioned malnutrition)?
Vital energies are blocked, they no longer circulate, and comes vicious circle of drugs, intestinal laziness, waste overload, pain, painkillers …
An energy treatment helps restore energy flow to the weakness point. With contribution of this new energy, guts start to work again and assume its leading role: evacuate. If the environment is too acidic for example, this causes diarrhea.

But then, what to do?
Whatever energy care and where it is done, you need to drink water and stay quiet. Not too long or too restless evening gathering, no sport. Ideally, You will rest, eat lightly, and drink the appropriate herbal tea made carefully. And above all, do not panic, write down your symptoms and your feelings, your dreams, or your unusual behaviors, see unusual events that follow the care and talk during the next consultation.
Life is a path on which we progress slowly…

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Auteure : Marcelle Godefroid